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[19] With Bordeaux a fading force, Bernard Tapie needed a new domestic rival to make the championship attractive again. Formed in 1899, Marseille have been competing for trophies for most of their history and, for the first 87 years at least, were more concerned about games against Saint-Étienne or Girondins de Bordeaux than trips to the capital. [50] Later that year, Modeste M'bami also signed with l'OM despite previously saying he would never play for them. French TV channel Canal+ bought PSG in 1991 with the aim of breaking Marseille's hegemony, but agreed with Tapie to fuel the animosity between them as a way to spice up the league. [3][14][15] Between 1989 and 1992, the southerners won four successive Ligue 1 championships. [30][33] Despite this, Marseille has occasionally threatened PSG's hegemony, without success. [2] All these successes, however, were also tainted by match-fixing allegations from title rivals PSG and Monaco, but also other clubs, adding further fuel to the rivalry. [2][3][11] Ironically, though, PSG were born as a fan-owned team, while l'OM were founded by an aristocrat. La saison 1998-1999 du Paris Saint-Germain est la vingt-neuvième saison de l'histoire du club. No player has ever scored a hat-trick in the French clásico. The newly-formed Parisians were trying to assemble a competitive team, while the Olympians were Ligue 1 contenders. Both sides were less successful in the late 1990s and throughout the 2000s, but the rivalry remained just as fierce. Between 1989 and 1998, PSG and l'OM picked up five league titles, four Coupe de France, two Coupe de la Ligue, a UEFA Champions League, a UEFA Cup Winners' Cup and reached two other European finals. [11] Nonetheless, the rivalry remained just as intense. [47][50] In 2005, while playing for Manchester United, he told reporters that "PSG will always remain the club of my heart. [11][15] They also finished runners-up in the 1990–91 European Cup before claiming the 1992–93 UEFA Champions League. [28][47], During the 2000s, at the peak of hostilities, several PSG players went from heroes to villains after signing for Marseille. By the end of the decade, PSG were fighting for the 1988–89 title against Tapie's star-studded Marseille, and sparks flew for the first time. [4] Many experts argue that those Marseille (1989–1994) and PSG (1993–1998) sides were two of the greatest teams in the history of French football. [3], Like all major rivalries, it has a historical, cultural and social importance that makes it more than just a football match. They are also the two most popular clubs in France and the two most followed French teams outside the country. [11], Between 1989 and 1998, PSG and l'OM picked up five league titles, four Coupe de France, two Coupe de la Ligue, a UEFA Champions League, a UEFA Cup Winners' Cup and reached two other European finals. [48][50] When his deal was revealed days before the 2004 French Cup Final, the match became a nightmare for Déhu, who was constantly booed by PSG fans. Equivalent to Spain's El Clásico, the fixture is the biggest rivalry in France and one of the greatest in the world. "[47] Four years later, however, Heinze signed with Marseille and PSG fans welcomed him at the Parc des Princes with insults, whistles and hostile banners. [20] And, exactly two decades later, French president Nicolas Sarkozy, a well-known supporter of PSG, which was then struggling financially, facilitated the club's purchase by Qatar Sports Investments. [27], Although Marseille quickly bounced back into the top flight in 1996 after two seasons in Ligue 2, their new owner was not so keen to spend like Bernard Tapie. [3][15] Backed by their own rich owner, PSG began to flex muscles in the transfer market with Tapie's Marseille, recruiting top talent like David Ginola, Youri Djorkaeff, George Weah and Raí. • Total: Olympique de Marseille with 22 higher finishes, Paris Saint-Germain with 19 higher finishes (out of 41 seasons with both clubs in Ligue 1). Third-placed Monaco took the spot instead. [47][50] PSG fans welcomed him back with a flood of insults in 2006. [7][12] l'OM, in turn, have struggled to keep up and they have been trophy-less since the 2012 French League Cup. [3], The rivalry reached new heights during the 1992–93 French Division 1 campaign. After joining PSG in 2000, Déhu quickly became team captain. It has been a troubled start to the season for Paris Saint-Germain, overshadowed by a raft of coronavirus cases, suspensions and injuries, but the French champions can welcome back Neymar from a ban for this weekend's Ligue 1 game at Reims.... Paris Saint-Germain winger Angel Di Maria received a four-match ban on Wednesday for spitting during this month's fiery Marseille game which saw five players red-carded and claims by Neymar of racial abuse.... Football across Europe is well and truly up and running again after the Italian Serie A and German Bundesliga seasons kicked off over the weekend. "[48], In similar fashion, beloved youth product Lorik Cana joined Marseille in 2005 after losing his place in the lineup with manager Laurent Fournier, who had recently replaced Halilhodžić. The term "Le Classique" is modelled after El Clásico, contested between Real Madrid and Barcelona. Malheureusement, Bordeaux va faire en encore mieux. [2][4][11], The clash increased in importance and ferocity when they went head to head for the 1988–89 title, during which PSG president Francis Borelli accused Tapie and l'OM of fixing matches. Most notably, they won their second league title in 1994 and their crowning glory, the 1995–96 UEFA Cup Winners' Cup, becoming only the second French team to win a major European title (after l'OM), and the last one to date. [76] Even after the 1990s, decade in which the rivalry really started, player have not been afraid of signing for the enemy. Club president Daniel Hechter was found guilty of running a ticketing scheme in 1977 and his replacement, Francis Borelli, incurred serious debts and financial irregularities in 1991. [1][2][3], Paris Saint-Germain were founded in 1970, and during that decade they were not at the same level as Olympique de Marseille, traditionally a giant of the French game. [78], Gabriel Heinze is the most recent example of what happens when players join their arch-rivals. 4 mai 1999 - Paris Saint-Germain 2-1 Olympique de Marseille : L'OM joue le titre avec Bordeaux alors que le PSG, assuré du maintien, termine en roue libre une éprouvante saison qui lui aura coûté trois entraineurs et deux présidents. victoire à l'OM 2 à 1. [11][21] The French Football Federation stripped l'OM of their title and offered it to second-placed PSG, who refused it because club owners Canal+ thought that claiming the trophy would anger their subscribers back in Marseille. [2][20] Shortly after, however, Tapie and Marseille were found guilty of match-fixing in what became known as the French football bribery scandal. The Spanish press borrowed the term Clásico from South America, where most countries use it to label the biggest rivalries in the continent, such as the Superclásico between Boca Juniors and River Plate, and the Uruguayan Clásico between Nacional and Peñarol. [28], The Parisians have won 17 out of the 22 matches played since their takeover. L'OM lui termine 4eme et espère se positionner pour le titre la saison suivante. [25][26] This feeling of injustice stems from the political dimension to the rivalry, which has been described by FIFA as pitting "the chosen ones of French football (the politically-favored PSG) against its enfants terribles (the unruly l'OM). Canal+ even refused letting the Parisian club participate in next year's Champions League after UEFA excluded Marseille from the competition. Pour en revenir à l'OM, RLD a décidé de donner des moyens à Rolland Courbis [6][24], Marseille and their fans have since accused the Parisian political elite of plotting against them to crown PSG as the kings of French football. [20][21] The hype heightened tensions between supporters as well, and reports of fan violence became more frequent in the 1990s. Marseille secured a first win over Paris Saint-Germain in 21 matches as the Ligue 1 champions lost 1-0 on Sunday and had Neymar sent off on his return from serving a Covid-19 quarantine.... more » 12.09.2020 05:08 Toutes les rencontres de l'OM saison 1998/1999 en détail: L'OM réalise une superbe saison en comptabilisant 71 points, un parcours de Champion. Unlike their arch-rivals, PSG were not relegated in either case; instead, they were bought by Canal+ with the specific goal of dethroning l'OM. [11] This was the case until 1991 and the arrival of new owners Canal+, the biggest pay television station in France. Le PSG lui emporte la Coupe de France contre les Lensois mais 1998 restera comme la plus grande année du Football Français et pour un Marseillais devenu célèbre. [22], l'OM were then forcibly relegated to Ligue 2 in 1994 for lacking the necessary funds to continue among the elite. [3][31][32] PSG have monopolised French football, becoming the country's most successful club in history in terms of titles won. Five consecutive matches unbeaten or more. [35] Five players were sent off after a brawl as l'OM ran out victors in Paris for the first time since February 2010.[28][35]. [2][11] The main reason behind the buyout was to revive interest in a Ligue 1 completely dominated by Marseille as well as lure more subscribers by assembling a team that could beat them. 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L'ex-lieutenant de Tapie vide son sac", "The story of Marseilles' tainted 1993 Cup triumph", "L'histoire du PSG 1991-1998 : Le PSG devient un grand d'Europe", "The Greatest French Club Sides Of All Time – Part 3", "The Greatest French Club Sides Of All Time – Part 5", "Pourquoi le PSG a refusé le titre de champion retiré à l'OM en 1993", "Marseille relegated due to lack of funds", "1993 : le complot fomenté par Paris contre Marseille", "Scandal leaves a stain on the white shirt of Marseille", "PSG v Manchester City emblematic of how Gulf rivals are fuelling football", "Didier Deschamps hails Marseille's 'extraordinary' Ligue 1 title win", "PSG destroys Marseille 5-1 in French league", "Icardi, Mbappe shine as PSG thrash Marseille", "PSG Have Spent €1.17Billion On Players And Still Haven't Got Past Champions League QF's", "Former Dodgers Owner Frank McCourt to Buy French Soccer Team Marseille", "Paris St-Germain 0-1 Marseille: Five sent off in injury time after brawl", "Neymar accuses Marseille defender Gonzalez of racism after being sent off for slap during brawl", "Marseille – PSG 2-2, 09/05/75, Coupe de France 74-75", "PSG – Marseille 2-0, 13/05/75, Coupe de France 74-75", "Paulo Cesar and Jaïzinho, 2 World Champions at the Velodrome! [4] Since then, the matchup has been marred with injuries and arrests. Moreover, PSG and l'OM were the dominant forces in the land prior to the emergence of Olympique Lyonnais in the 2000s. [47], Minutes before the end of that 2004 summer transfer window, Fiorèse joined Déhu at Marseille due to a conflict with Halilhodžić as well. [4] Today, the clash is considered France's biggest rivalry as well as one of the greatest in club football. [3][9][10] Both teams usually top the attendance lists every campaign as well. In their early meetings during the 1970s there was little indication the two would become deadly adversaries. [1] The fixture is also known as "Le Classico", "Classico", "Derby de France", "PSG/OM", "OM/PSG", "French clásico" or "Clásico". Both clubs are at or near the top of the attendance lists every season as well. [28] The balance briefly shifted again in favour of Marseille during the late 2000s and early 2010s, with the Olympians ending their 18-year wait and being crowned French champions in 2010. Au Parc, il obtient un penalty qui permet à Laurent Blanc de donner la José Anigo was Marseille's sporting director at the time. [77] During the following Classico in Paris, one banner read "Déhu, Fiorèse, Cana, M'bami, the list of whores keeps growing, Anigo open up your brothel!" In France, I would only play with PSG. [11] Marseille fans have never let their PSG counterparts forget this triumph with the chant "A jamais les premiers" (Forever First). pour façonner une belle équipe qui va longtemps faire figure de vainqueur After lifting the trophy, he disappeared into the dressing room in tears and refused to perform a lap of honor with his teammates. Les Girondins, d'ailleurs, font un bon départ, cinq victoires sur cinq. [30] Now with the money to compete with the best clubs in Europe, many great players have been part of PSG's all star-lineup that Ligue 1 had not seen since the early 1990s Marseille squads, including the world's two most expensive players, Neymar and Kylian Mbappé, as well as Thiago Silva, Zlatan Ibrahimović, Edinson Cavani, Ángel Di María and Mauro Icardi. Le PSG participe alors au championnat de Ligue 1, à la Coupe de France, à la Coupe de la Ligue et à la Coupe des coupes.. Michel Denisot, président du PSG depuis 7 ans, passe la main et c'est Charles Biétry, l'autre candidat au poste en 1991, qui le remplace. [47][50] Even worse, Heinze – like Cana at the Stade Vélodrome in October 2005 – scored the only goal of the game to give locals Marseille the victory over PSG in November 2009. [14][16][17][18], Despite proving to be tough competitors, PSG were still no match for Marseille. The 1990s were the real starting point of the rivalry, though. But following a confrontation with manager Vahid Halilhodžić, he signed with l'OM when his contract expired in 2004. [4] That year, PSG clinched their maiden championship and French businessman Bernard Tapie bought Marseille. Important security measures are taken ahead of these matches to prevent confrontations between the fans, but violent episodes still often occur when they meet. ", "Neymar sees red as Marseille win 'the battle of Paris, "PSG-OM : les 5 Classiques les plus chauds de l'histoire", "Tout est fait pour éviter les incidents", "Les supporters du PSG souvent mis en cause", "Six injured in clashes betwen Marseille and PSG fans after match cancelled", "Marseille fans arrested after PSG bus attack involving golf ball", "Stadium security 'failures' cast shadow over Euro 2016 football tournament", "PSG-OM : les supporters marseillais ont vandalisé une tribune du Parc des Princes", "Police cancel ban on Paris Saint-Germain shirts in Marseille for Champions League final", "Top 12 des banderoles les plus poétiques des « supporters » footeux", PSG.FR - Site officiel du Paris Saint-Germain, Centre d'entraînement Robert Louis-Dreyfus, https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Le_Classique&oldid=979713445, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, Le Classico, Classico, Derby de France, PSG/OM, OM/PSG, French clásico, Clásico, This page was last edited on 22 September 2020, at 10:30. He scored twice for Marseille in 1978 and then once for PSG in 1979. Serge Blanc, Colleter, Camara. The duo are the two most successful clubs in French football history and the only two French teams to have won major European trophies. [47] Frédéric Déhu and Fabrice Fiorèse were the first to cross that line in 2004. [31], Despite the evident bad blood, as many as 49 players have played for both clubs. [12][13] In short, the seeds of the fiercest French rivalry yet were always there, but they only began to grow from 1986 onwards. The Olympians, for their part, have defeated their arch-rivals just twice; they came out on top in November 2011 and had to wait nearly nine years for another victory, this time in September 2020. Le Classique (French pronunciation: ​[lə klasik], The Classic) is the name given in football to the sports rivalry between French professional clubs Paris Saint-Germain and Olympique de Marseille. [11][23] With Marseille out of the picture, PSG would went on to claim nine trophies during that decade. [20][22] As a result, the 1992–93 title remains unattributed. [11] Likewise, PSG owners Canal+ slowly began to reduce their investment in the transfer market. Senegal striker Boubacar Sarr was the first to accomplish this feat. The investment of their mega-rich Qatar owners has created a wide gap between them and Marseille. de Daniel Leclerq. [2][5] The duo are French football's most successful clubs as well as the only two French sides to lift a major European trophy. Thirty years later, Argentine defender Gabriel Heinze scored twice for l'OM, including the winner in November 2009. [6][7][8] They were also the undisputed top teams before the irruption of Olympique Lyonnais at the start of the 2000s. "[2] PSG have been indeed favored a few times. [2][11] The league was now a two-horse race and the duo battled each other for the title in the early 1990s. Now with similar financial power, PSG and l'OM established themselves as top contenders in the title race. Bordeaux lance sa saison en battant le PSG 3 à 1. [47][48] Upon their return to the Parc des Princes with the southerners, Déhu and Fiorèse were whistled and jeered by PSG supporters, who also displayed dozens of insulting banners, including one from the Kop of Boulogne aimed at Fiorèse that read "We have Jesus (along with a portrait of PSG defender Mario Yepes), you have Judas. [4] Marseille only lost twice to their northern rivals between September 1990 and February 2000, before Paris became the dominant force in the 2000s, during which they produced a spectacular run of eight consecutive wins between 2002 and 2004. Becanovic, Jambay, Asuar, Bertin, Laurent Blanc, Lemasson, Makelele, Gravelaine, [19][76] In turn, only two players have scored for both sides. mais qui va laisser s'échapper Lens et Metz sur la fin du championnat. Cette saison est le triomphe de la France dans sa Coupe du Monde. All-time highest attendances (PSG home, OM home and Neutral venue). During his PSG days, he netted once in February 2002. However, since the 2010s, the matchup has been completely dominated by PSG. PSG lost the title decider against Marseille and finished second. PSG fans idolized the Argentine defender during his three seasons in Paris, and the affection was reciprocal. Le Top 10 des « traîtres »", "Lyon extend unbeaten run, Marseille beat PSG", "Paris-Marseille rivalry put on hold as PSG players sick with flu", "Gignac matches Ibra as Marseille hold PSG", "Beckham enjoys winning PSG debut as Sirigu shines", "PSG make Marseille pay with quickfire double to return to top of Ligue 1", "Farewell, Zlatan: Ibrahimovic guides PSG to French Cup against Marseille", "Ligue 1: Paris St-Germain awarded French title as season finished early", "PSG – OM : Combien ça coûte 5 rouges et 14 jaunes aux clubs ? [2] Nevertheless, they still are the two most popular French clubs in the country and abroad, ahead of Lyon. [15][19] So, Tapie encouraged Canal+ to help him promote the enmity between the two clubs to a confrontational level, and the rivalry was born. All-time lowest attendances (PSG home, OM home and Neutral venue). Sans oublier le Racing Club de Lens, discret mais efficace, sous la conduite I lived a love story with Paris and its supporters. People in France see it as a battle between the two largest cities in France: Paris against Marseille, capital against province, north against south, the hub of political power against the working class and the aristocracy's club against the people's club. It all changed in 1986, when PSG won its first championship and l'OM were bought by Bernard Tapie. [29], Since the arrival of Qatar Sports Investments (QSI) as PSG owners in 2011, though, the matchup has turned into a one-sided affair. Tapie proceeded to invest huge amounts of money in star signings such as Chris Waddle, Abedi Pelé, Jean-Pierre Papin, Rudi Völler, Basile Boli, Enzo Francescoli, Eric Cantona, Didier Deschamps and Marcel Desailly. [30][34] The latter game, coupled with PSG's 2020 UEFA Champions League Final appearance, reignited the tensions as Marseille's Dimitri Payet mocked their defeat to Bayern Munich. Many experts argue that those Marseille (1989–1994) and PSG (1993–1998) sides were two of the greatest teams in the history of French football. The accusations made by PSG president Francis Borelli against Tapie and l'OM for fixing matches during that season were a big contributor to their growing antagonism.

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